Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2019

Angela at  Scrap Happy is heading up another challenge this year to use up scraps in Rainbow style.  I thought it was finally time to join in and use it to do two things…use up my polka dots, and make a quilt from my “to make soon” list.  It is a paper pieced pattern called Whirling Hexagons by Cindi Edgerton at A Very Special Collection.  The color for January is RED.  Can’t wait to start another color…rainbow scrap challenge 2019

Farewell to 2018

Project Planning

I set out to finish 12 projects in various stages in 2018. How did I do? Fifty percent, which doesn’t sound too productive?! I did, however, start and finish a few others along the way! Before getting to next year, here is the line up from 2018:

  1. The Blue and Yellow Leader Ender quilt described Here: Leader Ender 4 Patch (2)
  2. Brass rings: Brass Rings Angels (2)
  3. Plenty of Flannel Receiving Blankets: Flannel Recieving Blankets (2)
  4. Its a Plus had a story: Its a Plus Zen Chics (2)
  5. My Daughter in Law’s Stocking which I forgot to photograph! Here is the plan though: Kristins' Stocking
  6. My dear sweet Grand daughters Dino Paws Quilt:Elizabeth Dino PawsThose were all from the “plan to finish” list. I will consider re entering the unfinished ones for 2019. In addition to customer quilting I was able to finish
  7. A wool Log Cabin candle mat for a friend: Wool Log Cabin candle Mat
  8. and my Life IS Good T-shirt Quilt: Life is Good (6) And here are a few I started AND finished!
  9. A Poppins bag: Poppins Bag
  10. Button boats for quilting buddies: Button Boats
  11. A 41 hour marathon to send off a special baby quilt: Mason's Elephants by Laundry Basket Quilts (2)
  12. Some early Christmas gifts as Candy Cane ornaments: 15242214029231987190387
  13. A Laura Heine Giraffe Quilt Class at Nancy’s Calico Patch; Poki:Poki (5)
  14. And a Vintage quilt top rescued from washing abuse, and a poorly added border that did not fit:Kathi's Vintage Top (3) Now on to 2019. I will be making my list in the next week and get sewing. I bought a few more pieces of fabric and patterns in 2018 so there are more choices for the list this year. Decisions, decisions! Perhaps there is someone out there who likes to plan and dream ahead; join the American Patchwork and Quilting Challenge for 2019! Happy New Year!

Made for Baby

Baby quilts are sew fun to make!  They usually take less time, are fun, and cheerful and are full of hope and joy.  A great chance to try piecing challenges, or use colors outside your box, use up scraps, have fun, and make a great gift.  I have had a string of them in the past months to share.

Yvonne made this darling bear quilt (Elizabeth Hartmann) for her newest Grand.  Stitched in Layers with Crazy Mazey by Darlene Epps.

Lynn made an Elizabeth Hartmann quilt for her latest too!  This one Forest Friends. Stitched in Layers with African Maze by Anne Bright.

Rhea also has a new grand in the family, and made this fun quilt for him!  Stitched in Layers with Tracks from Urban Elements.

And Liz whipped up a baby quilt with these darling Black and white prints!  Stitched in Layers with leaves-loops e2e.

And I joined the group trying and finishing a collage quilt called Poki by Laura Heine, and Stitched in Layers with Giraffe by Karen Farnsworth of Wildflower Quilting.

And I finally finished up with all the flannel I had collected…made into self binding receiving blankets.   Sew soft!

Does a heart good.

Do you have to finish everything you start?

Do you HAVE to finish every book you begin?  I have a hard time not seeing it through, even if I am not completely enjoying it.  I keep thinking there will be a remnant before or in the end that I would miss if I did not finish.  I am finding I feel the same way about my quilting projects.  And then factor in the not being wasteful.  If I bought this fabric, I must USE it mentality.  The quilt I finished this week falls in this category.  The “modern” quilt movement has been around for almost twenty years now.  Beginning with Martha Stewart proclaiming Denyse Schmidt’s work as a “chic, modernist aesthetic”.    The Modern Quilt Guild goes on to identify the growth of the movement being facilitated by a “cultural shift of quality design being recognized by the general public, affordable digital cameras, the changing fabric industry, and the rise of social media”  In 2002 the Quilts of Geez Bend were discovered and toured the country, and in 2005 Denyse Schmidt Quilts and the Modern Quilt Workshop by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr were published followed by blogs, and flickr groups, Quilty magazine, online groups, and finally the movement had its own Quilt Show – QuiltCon.

Anyway it got here, I found myself hooked!  Lots of gray and white and bold colors and to me quite a departure from traditional quilts, which I learned to quilt making and love.  And scrap quilts, don’t forget using up all that fabric left over and collected over the years.

Zen Chic published a pattern in 2012 or 13 that I saw in Quilty magazine that I thought was interesting, a pretty simple design with a clever impact, and a chance to use some gray and yellow fabrics I found somewhere: (My mother loved gray and yellow together)  It’s a Plus.  Here is my version.

Begun in 2013 and finished,  the last day in November, this year.  There was a couple fabrics I grew to despise that had to be eliminated and the quilt got smaller and smaller.   And do you know how many shades of black and gray there are?  And they don’t all go together let me tell you.  So after doing this for 33 years I can say safely my technical skills have improved immensely.  However my color confidence is still at a remedial level.  But finished is finished, and it is washed and soft and warm and will make a great napping quilt.

January 2019 will be a month to go through what I have and honestly ask myself is this worth my time?  Do I like this fabric anymore?  Why did I download this pattern?  What was I thinking when I cut this one pattern out of my magazine.  What in heaven’s name could I do with this fabric, etc., etc., etc.  Piecing and quilting and binding a quilt does take much time and I do so want to love what I work on.  Time to let go of the rest.


This quilt didn’t go exactly as planned.  I used a silk batt for the first time, and my machine did not like it.  See original post HERE. Leader Ender 4 Patch (3)Instead of straight line quilting with a fun border, I got a fun border to border design to match the fun border, thank to Anne Bright.Leader Ender 4 Patch (2)But not without a lot of fixes on my home sewing machine. And blocking this quilt was a must. It dried 60 hours pinned tightly to my carpet!

Leader Ender 4 Patch (1)

International Quilt Festival 2018, Houston, TX

Returned to Houston for The 2018 Internatioanl Quilt Festival this past weekend with my sister in law for three days of inspiration and yummy food!  The Houston Convention center downtown is huge, so we got our excericise trying to see it all.  This link will take you to the album I created Favorites from the Houston Quilt Festival.

Life IS Good

Life is Good t shirts were a staple in my wardrobe.  They were a favorite find while traveling.  The perfect gift for my family to give.  So colorful and optimistic.  When it was time to retire them from my closet, I could not part with them, sew…

Life is Good 11They were all cut up and stabilized and recut to the same size.  Then to find the right framing fabrics.  My top choices were a Cherrywood Citrus Splash pack or a Tango Print Rainbow Batik pack.  Sew much fun color!Mind you I cut these up and did all this prep work in 2015.  I had to decide how wide to make the borders, how could I get the biggest quilt possible with 7″ squares?

Life is Good 7

Wide or Thin?
Life is Good 9








Decision made, a sewed a few and put them in a cute pizza box and put them on my to finish list for three years.  Yikes.Life is Good 8

This winter I began in earnest to get this quilt finished!  Our quilt retreat in January helped.

Finally it was time to arrange the blocks and sew them up.  And I began dreaming of Jake’s face for the quilting design.  This top hung in my basement for several months as I navigated copyright infringement and designer requests.  I am happy to say the time spent was worth it to do it right!Life is Good (5)

This is a favorite quilt and will be for a long time.  Sew many memories in these happy shirts.

Life is Good (6)Life is Good (1)

Life is Good (4)

Thank you to Life is Good Powered by Optimism, and Kim Diamond at Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio.

#LifeisGood #T-shirtquilt