This quilt didn’t go exactly as planned.  I used a silk batt for the first time, and my machine did not like it.  See original post HERE. Leader Ender 4 Patch (3)Instead of straight line quilting with a fun border, I got a fun border to border design to match the fun border, thank to Anne Bright.Leader Ender 4 Patch (2)But not without a lot of fixes on my home sewing machine. And blocking this quilt was a must. It dried 60 hours pinned tightly to my carpet!

Leader Ender 4 Patch (1)

International Quilt Festival 2018, Houston, TX

Returned to Houston for The 2018 Internatioanl Quilt Festival this past weekend with my sister in law for three days of inspiration and yummy food!  The Houston Convention center downtown is huge, so we got our excericise trying to see it all.  This link will take you to the album I created Favorites from the Houston Quilt Festival.

Life IS Good

Life is Good t shirts were a staple in my wardrobe.  They were a favorite find while traveling.  The perfect gift for my family to give.  So colorful and optimistic.  When it was time to retire them from my closet, I could not part with them, sew…

Life is Good 11They were all cut up and stabilized and recut to the same size.  Then to find the right framing fabrics.  My top choices were a Cherrywood Citrus Splash pack or a Tango Print Rainbow Batik pack.  Sew much fun color!Mind you I cut these up and did all this prep work in 2015.  I had to decide how wide to make the borders, how could I get the biggest quilt possible with 7″ squares?

Life is Good 7

Wide or Thin?
Life is Good 9








Decision made, a sewed a few and put them in a cute pizza box and put them on my to finish list for three years.  Yikes.Life is Good 8

This winter I began in earnest to get this quilt finished!  Our quilt retreat in January helped.

Finally it was time to arrange the blocks and sew them up.  And I began dreaming of Jake’s face for the quilting design.  This top hung in my basement for several months as I navigated copyright infringement and designer requests.  I am happy to say the time spent was worth it to do it right!Life is Good (5)

This is a favorite quilt and will be for a long time.  Sew many memories in these happy shirts.

Life is Good (6)Life is Good (1)

Life is Good (4)

Thank you to Life is Good Powered by Optimism, and Kim Diamond at Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio.

#LifeisGood #T-shirtquilt

Favorites from American Quilters Society Show Virginia Beach, Virginia

AQS draws the best quilters from around the globe!  Paducah, KY hosts the first and most famous of the AQS shows and after attending that one for many years I have missed seeing quilts like these.  I tried to keep shots of the same quilt together and there was an attempt to capture the Quilters name and notes for each.  There was so much inspiration, and fascination.  I was sorry to hear AQS would not be returning to Virginia Beach next year.

DINO Paws finished!

Do you ever have a vision for a quilt that doesn’t work out?  This is a story of a quilt that evolved but did not vanish and finally finished!  My Granddaughter now four, loved Dinosaurs.  At three she named them, played with them, visited the local museum exhibit to see them…would wear her dinosaur clothes day in and day out (if allowed).  So

  1. knowing I wanted to make a Bear Paw Quilt
  2. went hunting for dinosaur fabric,
  3. wondering if I could use the left over fabric from her baby quilt?

I initially decided on this Barrister Block variation of Bear Paw: Quilt Retreat25

Using Cindi Edgerton’s tissue foundation pattern I began to build,

quilt-retreat23.jpg, and build

Elizabeth DINO

Then my daughter expressed some doubts about the “look” of the quilt…so I went back to the drawing board.  After much unsewing, help from a quilting mentor, and surfing the internet for ideas; decided the blocks could be on point!  Add some white and tada!  Dino Paws!Dino Paws (2)Stitched in Layers with Anne Brights Dinomite.Dino Paws (3)Dino Paws (4)

I hope she will love it for awhile even though she has moved on to Moana and Frozen and How to Train a Dragon…Dino Paws (1)Happy Girl!

Elizabeth Dino Paws


Finish Up Friday

It all started with Primitive Gatherings

These cute wool ornaments were in their booth at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA in February, 2017.

IMAG1508.jpgSold as adorable wool kits, Do you want to build a Snowman?

And Stacked Trees.

Then cameWool Candy Canes

In January!  The perfect car project; just need wire cutters.IMAG1978.jpg

And they came in small, medium15242214029231987190387 and large.  IMG_20180302_083155_334.jpgHad I only read the description better…I got 4 of each size thinking they would be great for my quilting friends.  But there were two in each kit, so now, finally this Friday in April I have 24!  Really ready for Christmas 2018.