My Quilts

Three years later Melissa and Ryan have their blue and white wedding quilt. Stitched in Layers with custom designs and prayers for each and every space
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2019

Need to add this even though it’s not quilted yet; I have written about it through the year.  Finished it for American Patch Works UFO Challenge on the last day of April. 

I had sew much fun quilting this jelly roll quilt!

My leader Ender project for our Christmas!

PG Crop Circles Variation Leader Ender (2)
PG Crop Circles Variation Leader Ender (3)
PG Crop Circles Variation Leader Ender (1)

Another Primitive Gatherings fabric UFO.

These Little Bits Leaves by Cindi Edgerton, also described in a post HERE

Fallen Leaves (5)
Fallen Leaves (4)
Fallen Leaves (1)

Fused Sunflowers were finally finished. Sew fun to do: and why I waited sew long, Ill never know.

Sunflowers (1)
Sunflowers (2)
Sunflowers (3)

These cute tumbler quilts are described in a post Making time for baby quilts.

Tumbler Baby Quilts (1)
Tumbler Baby Quilts (3)
Tumbler Baby Quilts (7)

This is my “Arcade” Quilt made from a Layer Cake. You can read all the details Here.

Arcade (1)
Arcade (3)
Arcade (4)

Here is my first rag quilt. Fun to make; could have done it without Mary Ann Medved Baby Rag Quilt Video It is terribly heavy in the wash, but got softer and fluffier.

Rag Quilt 3
Rag Quilt 4

Never a fan of Panels, this one was sew cute. I had to trim the blocks down quite a bit to framed them up. It made a cute baby boy quilt for a Grandmother friend. Stitched in Layers with Dynomite by Anne Bright. All the fabrics except the yellow grunge were from the same collection.

DINO (2)
DINO (3)
DINO (1)

My diamond Log Cabin also in Cherrywood fabrics was finished this year! The quilting was not what I had hoped for. Used some lines and a slanted border design called pearl feathers by Anne Bright. I loved using the busy fun dotty backing fabric I found traveling years ago. A Cindy Edgerton Design from A Very Special Collection called Diamond Log Cabin.

Diamond Log Cabin (1)
Diamond Log Cabin (2)
Diamond Log Cabin (3)

Evening Harvest more than 12 years and 35 hours in the making! From Cherrywood fabrics. Stitched in Layers with gridlines, Kim Diamond’s feathered piano keys and Joyce Lundrigan’s Feather It p2p triangle 2.

evening harvest (3)
evening harvest 4
evening harvest (1)

This eight pointed star I found at an resale shop and it had been sadly washed with bleach and full of tangles on the back. In addition a wide, uneven border was added with teeny tiny stitches. I ripped that off, and trimmed the back, repaired the holes and stitched in Layers with little flowers. Then it was washed gently and it’s so special

Kathi's Vintage Top (3)
Kathi's Vintage Top (2)

Way outside my wheelhouse is Poki, a Laura Heine design. I took the class at Nancy’s Calico Patch and had a lot of fun. But glad it is finished! Stitched in Layers with giraffe.

Poki (2)
Poki (3)
Poki (4)

It’s Plus is finished! 5 years and 25 hours later…stitched in layers with Vortex by Andy Rudebusch at Intelligent Quilting.

Its a Plus Zen Chics (3)
Its a Plus Zen Chics (2)
Its a Plus Zen Chics (1)

What fun to start and finish a quilt in a matter of weeks! Our nephew’s new baby boy needed a quilt. Saw an Elephant quilt by Laundry Basket quilts, done up in bright colors at Roxanne’s in California, while on vacation. came home and washed and ironed and had a sewing marathon! Welcome to the World Mason! Stitched in Layers with Anne Bright’s African Maze.

Mason's Elephants by Laundry Basket Quilts (3)
Mason's Elephants by Laundry Basket Quilts (2)
Mason's Elephants by Laundry Basket Quilts (1)
Brass Rings Angels (2)
Anne Bright design
Brass Rings Angels (1)
Backing…Polka Dots my favorite!
Miss Rosie’s True Blue
Brass Rings circa 1994 (2)
Brass Rings from Quilt, Quilts Quilts
Noah (7)
Noah’s RWB Big Bed Quilt Pinwheels Original design