MY Small World

Clever name Jen Kingwell gave this pattern; because it really does become your own world. Fabric selection and placement is quite detailed, and personal. Instagram has been a museum of My Small World Quilts.

And sew I began collecting all the bits and pieces from my stash to build this quilt.  My quilting friend in Colorado began at the same time.  January 2020.  We began on the left side, what I called the city, and worked our way to the left, what I called the country.  The sky required sew many little pieces!  I kept mine all blue, but worked from Night to Day.

The pattern is written in sections, sew easy to monitor progress, or lack there of.  Pam raced ahead at this point and having too many projects going or unable to focus, I slowed!

There were sew many color decisions to make!

But all those little pieces were very fun!

The last sections has some hand applique, sew again things slowed. I did get to use lots of my purples!

And two years later it is pieced and ready to quilt!  A whole other set of decisions!  I am very happy with My Small World; its happy and cheerful and busy and yet calm.


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