Virtual Quilting with Friends

We have a group that had been getting together pretty regularly once a month to stitch and chat and eat lunch. 5 of us for ten years? We started working on the quilt called Blue Vase.

Two with kits; two of us using our own fabrics. One just watching and cheering. We shared the templates each month and plugged away. Eventually we were gathering and working on various other personal projects. Its been a long and inspiring friendship. With the Pandemic in place we have not been gathering. We’ve relied on texts to keep up with projects and each other.

This month we decided to take on a challenge/group project. Each was invited to take on a Suzy Quilts pattern. A wonderful “modern” quilter that caught our eye. Something new and different for everyone!

Cindi is taking on Thrive. In her own colors.

Judi is taking on Minimal Triangles in gray and black maybe.

And I am making Stars Hollow.

I pulled some bright solids from my stash and started cutting.

Made a test square today and loved her directions!

We hope to keep each other working toward a finished quilt top with encouragement from Donna and Kathi who are watching from the sidelines this go round. Stay tuned!

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