Just Keep Stitching!

The goal this February was to piece all 112 Chopsticks blocks for a long overdue commemorative quilt for OneMonthlyGoal by Elm Street Quilts. I tried at least every day to sew some. It took over an hour to sew each stack.

There were certainly some long days to get finished by today, but I had gotten sew far I wanted to put the blocks together.

I took so many pictures of all the blocks laid out trying to get balance from all the different fabrics.

Then once the rows were finished, I still had time to sew rows, and then I put in serious hours. Several 6 hours days, put sew worth it.

The trimming of the blocks was a little nerve racking.

But I have a quilt top!

I had collected these fabrics years ago and even raided friends stashes to add a few more; but it left me very few large pieces for a backing. Sew, I stitched some more!

I have quilted this pattern for a customer before and made a baby quilt with it as well. So I have custom designs by Nancy Thomas that I will use.

On to the Long Arm tomorrow!

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