Bunches of Bears

Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, of Modern Quilt Studio have a lecture made into a book and Facebook group called Rediscovering your Stash. This concept intrigued me and is now always in the back of my mind. Its the same as sorting/clearing my sewing room, finishing projects begun and left, finding ways to use what I have. None, yet, have been as fun or turned out as wonderfully to me as this project.

A girlfriend shared a found pattern online Bunches of Bears by Shiny Happy World. I thought the bears were sew cute and I do love buttonhole applique, which I thought suited the bears well. So I tucked the pattern away for a someday.

I have a few vendors I love to visit when I attend quilt shows. (So clearly at least a year ago). These two in particular are far from me, so its a treat to visit their booths and touch their wears: Primitive Gatherings (who has the most wonderful homespun fabrics among other things); and Cherrywood Fabrics (with their beautiful suede look basically reversible solids in so many luscious colors.) I have much from both in my stash that I have washed and tucked away for a someday.

In 2020, I thought, couldn’t they be sewn together?

I had sew much fun stitching some personality into their sweet faces!

Along the way, a dear friend discovered her new Grandson was to be called Teddy, and the owner was found and the drive to finish presented itself. Someday was now.

I was able to use more primitive gatherings fabrics for the backing and binding, and a digital quilt design by Apricot Moon called Bread Basket, I had also purchased during a sale, but had not yet used.

Prayers were stitched into the layers for this sweet baby and his parents and Grandparents. Another quilt complete for me; and that is always a great feeling.

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