Building a Squadron

We have two Grandsons who like airplanes, as did their father before them. They can identify planes as they fly overhead, sew naturally as they are now in big beds, or soon to be, it follows they need airplane quilts! After much searching. I found this pattern:

The cutting directions were very good, but took some concentration. I’m making 50 blocks…yes, 25 for each bed with a side and end drop.

I have been piecing four at a time, to keep the pieces straight. But able to chain piece!

And slowly they are coming together. Our daughter in law requested navy and gray, of which I had much in my stash. I did find some fun new fabrics to throw in.

Many of the sets (each paired fat quarter makes two planes; a gray background and a navy background) I have enough for both boys to have the same plane. But some will be unique to one or the other.

I also have extra fabric in case some simply dont work. The extra will get pieced into the backing and serve as a label.

I have 16 to go! They remain high on my list to get finished; although it’s nice to take a break in between sets. One more month?

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