Colorful Dots

Found this pattern online and thought it would be a quick and easy way to use a Jelly Roll I purchased some time ago.   wp-15800650185114357547965879070240.jpg Amy offered a different arrangement of the blocks that appealed to me; as you will see soon.  As I was recovering from knee replacement surgery, my husband brought my machine near to my recuperation space so that as tolerated I could “work” on this quilt.  Plenty of ironing that I could sit and do.wp-15800650188414748644123355996741.jpgThen to trim the squares to the right size.wp-15800650188245279764497917725404.jpgAnd then mark and pin for sewing (this with my legs up).wp-15800650185645574106265065178419.jpgI was not thrilled with the finished squares and attempted to use spray starch to achieve a flat crease.

It went on and on…

Finally time to lay it all out; I found a problem. I thought Amy said it did not matter which way you sewed the diagonal seam.  I thought her alternate arrangements did not require any different instructions.  Still not sure how it happened, but between my efforts to square up the block, and then use the layout I liked, the bars ended up parallel instead of perpendicular.wp-15800650184541315693477519420366.jpgBy now it was 3 months post surgery and I was headed to camp and determined to get the top together and ignore the layout issues.  the crisp white and colorful fabrics were cheerful to me.wp-15800650184383328413193891642199.jpgSew fun!

wp-15800650184353773039007799824133.jpg It hung in the basement awhile as I contemplated the quilting.  wp-15800650184208426563764145828855.jpgI was motivated to do a lot of stitching in the ditch and quarter inch lines. Plenty of practice.wp-15800650184043395212847131936980.jpgOf course the triangles needed something special.wp-15800650183718196764977840970075.jpgStitched in Layers with designs by Joyce Lundrigan It was sew much fun and I was liking how it looked.  Whew.  Christmas came and went, but twenty stitching hours later it was ready for the binding.

The plaid binding and backing were bold and as cheerful as the other fabrics.

Jelly Roll (1)

It’s finished in under a year.  The first of 2020; and part of the UFO Challenge.  Despite all the quilting it washed up softly and is on our grandaughter’s bed.wp-15800650183465555312577006829267.jpg



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