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This beautiful fall colored jelly roll made its way into my heart around the time our oldest grandchild was born: May 2011.  I was visiting Kentucky and happened on a little shop (okay so I went looking for it).  Even though the pattern called for pieces to be cut a little larger than the 2.5 inch strip, I went for it and pieced carefully!  It was cut and stacked during car rides to the mountains in Virginia in August 2016.Fallen Leaves (18)

Somewhere is a very detailed chart (that Cindi provides with the pattern), where I have delineated what color leaf will go where.  This is how it translated to my design wall, in May 2018.Fallen Leaves (7)

Then began the fun sewing.  An easy block to piec,  but was careful to turn the leaves the right way and worked on the little parts of the leaves that would overhang the border.  It was a slow process, because I think I just had a hard time doing just one thing! Can anyone relate? This was now January 2, 2019Fallen Leaves (8)

Finally in late January I was auditioning borders and ready to sew rows together!   This was on my must finish list for 2019, thanks to American Patchwork and quilting UFO challenge.Fallen Leaves (10)I did finally quilt it in October of this year and used Anita Shackelford’s leaf veins that I manipulated with the Statler to fit my leaves.  And finding nothing I liked better, added an apple border by Anne BrightFallen Leaves (5)

Cindi also taught me an awesome custom fit binding application technique that is continuous.  Love it!Fallen Leaves (2)Fallen Leaves (3)Sew happy it was finished for the season and hangs smartly in my kitchen/family room area.Fallen Leaves (4)Fallen Leaves (1)

Pattern by Cindi Edgerton

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  1. Well it is beautiful! And YES! I can relate to doing more than one project at a time…so many beautiful quilts and I want to do them ALL!! 🙂 I really like the look of the leaves hanging over the boarder, that’s a nice touch.

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