DINO Paws finished!

Do you ever have a vision for a quilt that doesn’t work out?  This is a story of a quilt that evolved but did not vanish and finally finished!  My Granddaughter now four, loved Dinosaurs.  At three she named them, played with them, visited the local museum exhibit to see them…would wear her dinosaur clothes day in and day out (if allowed).  So

  1. knowing I wanted to make a Bear Paw Quilt
  2. went hunting for dinosaur fabric,
  3. wondering if I could use the left over fabric from her baby quilt?

I initially decided on this Barrister Block variation of Bear Paw: Quilt Retreat25

Using Cindi Edgerton’s tissue foundation pattern I began to build,

quilt-retreat23.jpg, and build

Elizabeth DINO

Then my daughter expressed some doubts about the “look” of the quilt…so I went back to the drawing board.  After much unsewing, help from a quilting mentor, and surfing the internet for ideas; decided the blocks could be on point!  Add some white and tada!  Dino Paws!Dino Paws (2)Stitched in Layers with Anne Brights Dinomite.Dino Paws (3)Dino Paws (4)

I hope she will love it for awhile even though she has moved on to Moana and Frozen and How to Train a Dragon…Dino Paws (1)Happy Girl!

Elizabeth Dino Paws


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